RESTful Resources How to setup RESTful resources for Hanami

RESTful Resources

Hanami supports advanced features for RESTful resources:

# apps/web/config/routes.rb

resources :books, only: [:new, :create, :show] do
  member do
    get "toggle"

  collection do
    get "search"

The example above will generate the following named routes:

                Name Method     Path                           Action

         toggle_book GET, HEAD  /books/:id/toggle              Web::Controllers::Books::Toggle
        search_books GET, HEAD  /books/search                  Web::Controllers::Books::Search
            new_book GET, HEAD  /books/new                     Web::Controllers::Books::New
               books POST       /books                         Web::Controllers::Books::Create
                book GET, HEAD  /books/:id                     Web::Controllers::Books::Show

Learn more at Routing RESTful guide.

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