Custom Rake Tasks How to add custom Rake tasks

Custom Rake Tasks

If you want to add custom Rake tasks to your Hanami project, you have two ways: Rakefile and .rake files.


Rakefile is the main Rake file of the project. Add here your Rake tasks to perform general related activities.

The special :environment task can be used as a task dependency to load the entire code of the project.

# Rakefile
namespace :db do
  desc "Database backup"
  task backup: :environment do
    # ...

.rake files

If your list of Rake tasks is growing, you may want to split them per categories in several files:

$ mkdir -p rakelib
# rakelib/catalog.rake
namespace :catalog do
  desc "Export the entire catalog"
  task export: :environment do
    # ...

List your tasks

Here’s how to list your Rake tasks:

$ bundle exec rake -T
rake catalog:export  # Export the entire catalog
rake db:backup       # Database backup
rake environment     # Load the full project
rake spec            # Run RSpec code examples

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